Advanced, Wired Enterprise Networking Architectures

Your enterprise network is going to need a lot of wires. Even if you are building toward a WiFi setup, you'll need first to build a "wired" infrastructure, because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is probably going to bring your primary Internet connection into your home through a wired telephone or wired, coaxial TV-style cable. That wire will enter into some kind of a Broadband Modem which will in turn be wired (either inside a single box or through individual Ethernet cables) to one or more Routers, Switches, Hubs, and/or Wireless Access Points.

As your LAN expands, you'll probably be adding more and more of these modules. All of the basics are covered in the video clips below and on subsequent pages. They commence with the most basic architectures, gradually advancing to more and more elaborate, more powerful, more flexible configurations.

The video clips on this page describe the very most basic kind of broadband Internet Connection that's in common use at the time of this writing in 2010: a simple infrastructure that can support just one single PC that's directly connected to the worldwide Internet through a "Broadband Modem". This type of connection is limited to a single Internet address, but in all other respects it is very powerful. That single Internet address and connection is not subject to the limitations of "NAT" or "Network Address Translation", making it very simple to host services that can be seen and accessed from the Internet. Accordingly, this kind of setup is popular with young "Gamers" who own the only PC in a household and who want to use that PC to host Internet game services. Because this kind of direct, single PC connection is so powerful, it's absolutely essential that the connected PC be protected with an active, well-maintained software firewall.

Everybody should watch the first video clip below, because it introduces the Worldwide Internet with a colorful, dynamic visual representation that will be used throughout all of the other clips in this series. Once you've seen that first clip, you can click on the image labeled "NEXT" to skip ahead, if you're already familiar with Broadband Modems and their associated architectures.

If you want to see all of the basics commencing from the very beginning, watch all of the clips on this and subsequent pages, first to last, commencing at the upper left and progressing down toward the lower right. The "Continue" link at the bottom of the each page will lead you to even more advanced, wired enterprise networking architectures on subsequent, related, more advanced pages.