Networking Fundamentals Movie Series on DVD for $55.00

Many people pay thousands of dollars to get this information at networking camps, seminars, and conferences. You can have it ALL, and you can learn faster than anybody else, with this fantastic set of movies on DVD.  All of the basics are covered here. Makes an ideal gift for the student or technologist in your family! Networking Fundamentals on 2 DVD discs    U.S. $55.00

Everything you'll need to know to manage and support your own LAN, or host your own services on the Internet! This comprehensive collection from the "Networking Fundamentals" section of  includes high-resolution, high-quality versions of all of these movies on  2 separate DVD Discs:

Ethernet Tutorial (a brief overview of Ethernet and its origins)
Ethernet Evolved (Modern Ethernet cables, connectors, and the higher speeds they make possible)
Ethernet Cables (What you need to know about the wires you'll be using. "Crossover", "Straight-thru", CAT3 versus CAT5, etc.)
Ethernet Hubs (The old-fashioned way to add more computers to your Ethernet network, and why you still need one)
Ethernet Switches (The new way to add more computers to your Ethernet network, but not smart enough to share an Internet connection)
Easiest Ethernet LAN (Connecting 2 PCs to each other with a single crossover Ethernet cable)
Ethernet Brings you the Internet (How Ethernet became the "universal" network interconnect standard)
ISO 7-Layer Networking Model (The basic vocabulary of networking explained)
Commercial Routers (A single "Class C" Internet connection can handle millions of simultaneous network processes)
NAT Routers Part 1: Hardware Firewalls (Using a single, low-cost "NAT" router as a hardware firewall for just 1 PC)
NAT Routers Part 2: Multiple PCs (How to share a single Internet address with multiple PCs)
Managing Network Equipment With Your Browser (How to use your own web browser to configure your router, etc.)
Nat Routers Part 3: Port Forwarding (Your router will prevent people from accessing your servers unless you configure "Port Forwarding")
Configuring Your Connection Part 1: DHCP (How to get Windows to work with your router for Internet access)
Configuring Your Connection Part 2: Static IP Addressing (How to assign an unchanging IP address to your servers)
The Address Resolution Protocol (How your computers translate between IP addresses and Ethernet Addresses)
Ping: The Network Troubleshooter's Favorite Tool (How "Ping" works, and how to use it)
Traceroute: Ping on steroids (How "tracert" discovers the Internet pathway from your PC to some other IP address and how to use it to solve network or ISP problems)
McWireless: Wireless Internet Access at McDonald's (How we use our laptop computers in McDonald's restaurants to access the Internet)
Wireless Access Points (How we enhanced an existing, wired Ethernet LAN to add support for WiFi access)

--and more!

The movies are arranged in logical order, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, so that all of your knowledge compounds as you watch.

The DVD versions are in the highest resolution available in the DVD format, for playback in any standard DVD player.