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Steve Gibsion introduces Security Now IllustratedIf you're not familiar with the wonderful audio podcast series that Steve Gibson and Leo LaPorte have named "Security Now!", then you're really missing out, and you should go and check it out at

If you're a "Security Now!" listener, then you know how Steve and Leo explain the intricacies of the Internet, Local Area Networks, (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and information security. We enjoy their podcast very much, but every few weeks, Steve creates a complex, "Propeller-Head" episode that really cries out for visualization through illustrations or animations.

Steve and Leo have been at this for a long time, with more than 300 shows. Among these gems are dozens and dozens of "Propeller-Head" episodes.

That's why we created this section.

Episode by episode, we are working through every Security Now! podcast to identify the rich, complex programs in which Steve reveals the inner workings of something amazing. Then, for each of these special podcast episodes, we are creating a corresponding set of "Security Now Illustrated" video clips with rich, beautiful illustrations and animations to illuminate and portray Steve's deep dialog. (And please continue to support Steve and Leo and their products and sponsors through their websites. We can't cover them all here, and many of the old episodes "in between" those we illustrate include additional, important details.)

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Click each of the links below for more. Our list is GROWING! Please check back here to watch our progress!

Security Now! Episode 3 "NAT Routers as Firewalls"

Security Now! Episode 8 "Denial of Service Attacks"

Security Now! Episode 9 "Root Kits"

Security Now! Episode 10 "Open WiFi Access Points"

Security Now! Episode 11 "Bad WiFi Security"

Security Now! Episode 13 "WPA: WiFi Security Done Right"

Security Now! Episode 14 "VPN Theory"

Security Now! Episode 17 "PPTP and IPSEC VPNs"

Security Now! Episode 25 "How the Internet Works, Part 1"

Security Now! Episode 26 "How the Internet Works, Part 2"

Security Now! Episode 27 "How LANs Work"

Security Now! Episode 29 "Ethernet Insecurity"

Security Now! Episode 42 "NAT Traversal"

Security Now! Episode 388 "Memory Hard Problems"