Memorized Password Management

Everybody that uses the Internet nowadays has frequent need to create, remember, and use memorized passwords. They are everywhere! Unfortunately, Internet sites and resources differ in the rules they enforce for choosing and changing passwords; some require monthly changes, while others do not. Some demand long, complex passwords, while others are satisfied with short, simple ones. Some won't allow you to include punctuation or numeric characters, while others demand them. Some insist that you also choose "security questions" that they will use to reset or restore your password should you ever forget it.

All of this can be extremely frustrating. It has become impossible to use the same password everywhere. That's not so bad, because it is a truly bad idea to use the same password for online banking that is also used for blogging or game play. After all, do you really trust all of the website managers enough to tell them the password that you use to open your bank or brokerage account? I don't!

I've implemented a simple, inexpensive, and practical solution.  I use more than 200 different passwords, but I never worry about forgetting any of them. I can change any of them whenever necessary without affecting any others. I am careful with them, but I don't lay awake at night worrying about anybody finding out what they are, and I know I have excellent protection should I lose the inexpensive little hardware tool that I use to manage them all. The total cost was less than U.S. $20.00 one-time, and there are NO recurring fees!

Click the movie link below to see how I've handled this problem. I'm very pleased with the results!