Linux on USB Flash Media

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I need my LINUX system and tools with me, wherever I go. I have laptop and tablet computers that I generally carry around with me, but there are times when I want get out and about without them. But I ALWAYS have the essentials with me, because I carry my entire LINUX environment around in my pocket, on a USB flash memory device, formatted with my full LINUX system ready to boot up and run on almost any Intel-based computer I encounter. Whether at the home of a friend, on a college campus, at a computer retailer, or searching used laptops in the bargain basement at the local elecronic repair shop, I am prepared with everything I might need for work or evaluation of my next purchase.

Watch all of the video clips on this page to see exactly how I prepared a USB flash memory device ("Thumb Drive") with the live LINUX distribution that I had built as described in our August 2012 issue.