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At the time of this writing in July of 2010, the "MagicJack" Internet telephone system is very popular with Internet-savvy users across North America, because the service offers unlimited telephone calls to the USA and Canada for a low annual fee. The service is so inexpensive that it is commonplace to cut bills by 70% or even 80% when compared with conventional telephone service. In many instances, MagicJack telephone service becomes even less expensive than its popular rival "Skype", once the initial MagicJack hardware is paid for. (We calculate that we will need to use MagicJack for about 2 years before the total cost of ownership drops below what we've been spending for Skype).

Even though MagicJack doesn't offer big discounts for calls to Europe, Asia, or other areas outside North America, many North Americans are purchasing MagicJack systems to help their intercontinental friends reach them back in the USA!

But switching to MagicJack isn't for everyone. It requires a broadband Internet connection, and if that connection is unreliable, then telephone service will be equally unreliable. It requires a fairly modern personal computer running popular versions of Microsoft's "Windows" or Apple's "OSX" operating systems, and if the computer is unreliable, then telephone service will be equally unreliable. Customers needing trustworthy telephone service should think seriously about their willingness to suffer with telephones that can catch a virus from the Internet, etc.

And there are some inobvious, hidden costs associated with this type of service. For example:

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