TeamSpeak 2 Client

"TeamSpeak 2" is a very popular, highly specialized Internet Voice application that's been designed and optimized to allow groups of people to take turns speaking to one another in a real-time conference situation. Over the years it has evolved into a very effective tool, and it's been optimized for very good performance, even on heavily loaded computers with fragile, inexpensive, or overloaded Internet connections. On popular MicroSoft Windows platforms, it can share a single audio channel (speakers, microphone, or headset) with other applications for simultaneous use.

TeamSpeak conversations always take place between 2 or more TeamSpeak Clients, all of whom must be connected to the same TeamSpeak Server. Thousands of TeamSpeak servers are always available on the Internet. Many specialize in conversations of a particular type. Some of these servers charge a small subscriber fee for use, but most are free.

The TeamSpeak 2 Client application is available free of charge for noncommercial use, and it's very easy to download, install, configure, and use. Once the TeamSpeak 2 client is installed it can be used with any TeamSpeak 2 server anywhere in the world, so it is commonplace for users to install only the Client portion, relying on one or more servers located remotely.

These attributes have made TeamSpeak 2 very popular among Internet Gamers, who want to organize their competitive teams with effective voice communication. To facilitate this "team" orientation, TeamSpeak conversations always take place on a "Channel" administered by a TeamSpeak Server. Typically, different teams communicate on their own channel, but it is commonplace to have another channel that is shared among all teams. It is also commonplace for teams to create "Subchannels" for coordination of smaller groups, and the TeamSpeak client includes facilities that make it very quick and easy to switch channels, so that a single player can hop between any of several channels as the need arises.

With a little patience, a user can optimize his TeamSpeak 2 client so that it almost disappears behind the visual aspects of the Internet game in play. Special keyboard combinations can be created for switching channels, muting the microphone, or adjusting the volume on the fly (without leaving any game in process).

The video clips on this page show exactly how I downloaded, installed, configured, and used a TeamSpeak 2 client. Watch them one-by-one by clicking on the icons below: