Zello News: Now you can send “Selfies” and Pics!

Zello Push-to-talk button
October 27, 2014.
Zello, the well-known -- “walkie talkie” -- app for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows, is highly regarded all over the world as a simple, reliable, -- ‘Push to Talk” -- communication device that lets you exchange real-time voice messages, free of charge, with any other Zello user, using only Internet data (not your cell-phone minutes).

Although none of us here at AskMisterWizard.com have any affiliation with Zello (and they don’t pay us for promotion or endorsement), we have been using it extensively for almost a year now, and we really like it.

We use it in - “group” - mode a lot, to share news with our family, and we also use it casually, in -- “person-to-person direct” -- mode, just to send quick inquiries and responses.
Zello offers 3 prominent modes of operation
A couple of days ago while updating to the latest version of Zello, we noticed that they have added an important new feature:  Now we can send and receive IMAGES right in our conversations!

This adds an important and compelling new dimension to the quick, easy, dynamic dialogs and audio -- “crowdblogs” -- (Zello “channels”) -- that are so simple to manage with Zello. Now those conversations and crowdblogs can include -- “selfies” -- and other pics from participants. Anybody using the newest version of Zello can press a single new button and gain instant access to the camera (or cameras) on their cell-phone, tablet, or other device hosting Zello. A full-screen view from the selected camera pops up, along with prominent buttons to allow snapping a pic or changing camera options. In short, it works exactly like you’d expect an easy camera app to work.
Zello's built-in camera app
Immediately after capturing a picture, you are given a chance to delete or accept it. Accepted pictures are quickly compressed for optimal, instant transmission across the Zello/Internet connection, and the recipient(s) hear a polite little “chirp” indicating arrival of a new pic. They typically receive the picture within 3 or 4 seconds.

Each online recipient also sees a new, bright-red icon at the top of their Zello screen, that they can press to see the resulting picture. (Offline recipients can see it later, at their leisure.) That icon contains a numeric digit: “1” if there is just a single new picture, “2”, “3”, or higher if there are more images that haven’t been seen yet. Copies of pictures are stored on the phones or tablets of the sender and all receivers, alongside all of the previous audio messages and pictures that have ever been exchanged with the current user or group.

Online or offline recipients can easily review the entire record of each message and picture in the entire conversation dialog, stretching back to the beginning of time unless they have deleted older messages, from a simple list that’s organized in chronological order.  The list shows a tiny thumbnail image of the sender of each message, a text notation of their Zello username, an arrow indicating whether the current device SENT or RECEIVED the corresponding image, text showing the exact date and time of receipt, text indicating the duration of any audio messages, and a thumbnail image of any pictures in the dialog. Pressing any of these thumbnails activates a full-screen view. While viewing any picture in this full-screen view, you can -- double-tap -- on it to zoom in, drag to scroll, or flick up or down to see the prior or next picture in the sequence. The entire experience is convenient and intuitive, and it encourages participants to interleave pictures with descriptive audio snippets in a very natural manner. It just -- “works”!
Zello Dialog History Screen
Give it a try! Zello is free for noncommercial use. It was already one of the most popular communication apps in the Android store, and with this new addition we think it will find vast new audiences among people that want to share their experiences on vacation, when raising their families, when something newsworthy is seen, or when cultivating new friendships.

Pretty Girl ThumbnailFurthermore, if you want to email or preserve the pictures, you can find them in your filesystem. On Android systems, you will find them by drilling into:


Drill a little deeper down, through an extra folder with a long, cryptic, numeric name, until you see another folder named “images”. All of your pictures are there, ready to be viewed by any popular image viewer app and ready to be copied with any popular file management app.

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