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Free or Low-cost, Wireless Internet Access

August, 2013
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We found a way to get free, 4G wireless Internet access in major metropolitan areas of the USA, bundled into a "MyFi" package that you can use youself and share with as many as 7 friends!

There are some limitations. First, the coverage isn't very good between cities. Second, you are limited to just 500 megabytes per month. You can overcome these restrictions by purchasing optional packages from, but we found ourselves wondering just how useful the free offering would be, and whether the least expensive of their optional expansion packages would best supplement that free package.

To get the answers to these questions, we purchased the $3.99/month expansion and hit the road for a 5,000 mile road trip, during which we carefully monitored our data usage. By the end of the trip, we found that we DID need that $3.99 package while on the road, but we also learned tactics to keep our data consumption comfortably below the 500MB monthly threshold that would allow city dwellers to stay within the bounds of the available free access when NOT traveling.

We created eight video clips to explain and illustrate our findings. Click on each of the video clips below and in subsequent pages to find out exactly what we learned!